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71 Sunset
are a four piece rock band based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Drawing from collective influences ranging from classic rock through alt/indie, experimental, grunge and metal, 71 Sunset have created a unique sound in the often cliché realm of modern rock. 
Epic hooks, thundering rhythms and an underlying air of surrealism provide the foundations of their creative power. With an eclectic variety of topics, ranging from the day to day human condition through to deeply philosophical meanderings, their songs will make you sit up, listen and think!
The bands latest Album "Bitter Earth" was released on the 4th of Dec 2015, with and now due to demand we released the album on 'CD Digipack' format on the 5th of February 2016 (Order your copy here).
The Band Played live on Aucklands 95 BFM in Feb 2016 Click below to hear the podcast.
The Bands hard working professional attitude has earned them great support in NZ, with their debut single 'MULE' featured on 'Off the Record' segment on the 'Rock FM', and you may heave seen them supporting 'I AM GIANT' and 'These Four Walls'.
The Bands Debut EP 'MULE' was released on Triple A Records on the 21st of March 2014, and you can review it here!
The Debut Video for 'MULE' has been on rotation on C4 and Juice TV... check it out here:

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