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McCoy's S.U.N. PROJECT originated from Germany's best known Psy-Trance-Act S.U.N. PROJECT, founded in 1995
by McCOY (drums), Matthias Rumoeller (guitars) and Marco Menichelli (bass). 

The boys from Hamburg changed their original musical direction from Underground Rock/Heavy Metal to Psychedelic
Trance (GOA) in 1995 after many trips to and from GOA (India) throughout that year. Their point-of-difference has been
the fact that they have completely integrated their old rock roots in to the electronic music, by playing spectacular live
gigs with electric bass, guitars and drums. 

Since 1996 S.U.N. PROJECT have produced 12 albums and have toured all over the world to e.g. Japan, Taiwan, Korea,
 Brazil, Mexico, USA, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, and most other European countries. 

In November 2011, McCoy parted from the band and founded McCoy's S.U.N. PROJECT to keep the FULL LIVE SHOW
experience alive for his fans. 

McCoy's S.U.N. PROJECT now consists of the guitarist 'GREG the SLAG' and 'ALPHA' of the Dark-Psy-Act 'Z' on bass.
He polishes up the live gigs with aliens, fire-shows,'Trigger-Finger' and the blasting power of a real live band!


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