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Mark Kelly - Vocals
Gareth Scott - Guitars
Dylan Cameron - Guitars
Carl Win - Bass 
Karl Downey – Drums


In 2009 the self described Auckland “death groove metal band” set themselves some key goals as a band after promoting the release of their self-produced and financed debut album No Fear Of Consequences.

They wanted to sign to a record label, release a video, play an international support slot and play at the ionic PowerStation venue in Auckland...
“Pretty much within a year we had achieved all of those goals,” says front man Mark Kelly.... [Biography continued below] ...


No Fear of Consequence - Fractured

[Bio continued ...]

The video came first.  In January 2010 just before Baxendale rejoined Fractured Kelly directed and shot next a video for the single Switch.  Trainor edited it...  

“The video was shot in our practise space over a day. The goal was to have a set up that we would all be comfortable with and something that was easily and cheaply done. 

And a month later, they were invited to open for Trivium and Whitechapel, at, of all places, the PowerStation.

The show was with RW Entertainment and was the first international slot we had ever played. What made the show even more special was that it was at the PowerStation which is where all of the members had been to see international bands at one time or another. The set was short; only 20 minutes; but that still gave us enough time to get a good crowd going.”

The next six months Fractured solidified their live reputation by touring with Just One Fix, Darklight Corporation, Legacy of Disorder and Tainted.  The word soon spread along with the interest.  They were invited to contribute a track to the Rising from the Rubble fundraising compilation to help victims of the two Christchurch earthquakes.  

Fractured then officially signed off signed off on their wish list when Carl Win met TeMatera Smith of Triple A through business connections. He said, “I’m in a band”.  Smith said. “I run a record label”.  

“We had a couple of meetings and things moved pretty quickly to the stage where we signed with the label,” Kelly says. “It was a good fit for us.”

The icing on the cake is the release of Fractured’s first album for Triple A (to be announced soon).
Fractured have found their groove or to be more precise they’ve found their “groove” mettle.

“We are all big fans of early Machine Head and Pantera and they had a lot of groove in their material, Kelly says. “The vocal part of what we do is infinitely heavier than any off that sort of stuff.  It’s more akin to your 90s sort of death metal stuff.  I guess like most bands we don’t want to be pigeon-holed.  So we came up with ‘groove metal’ as a way of describing out music.”

Fractured’s music though has a long evolutionary tail.  If you were to video their career,  back-track and pause the remote near the beginning of their tale, you be somewhere in Auckland in 2006 where two guitarists and a drummer – Gareth Scott,  Joe Baxendale and Nathan Trainor – were plying their trade as part of a five-piece called Remote.

Marks vocal style and delivery were so different from what we had with our singer at the time,” Gareth says. . He would phrase a song in such a unique way that you had to listen. Our initial reactions were that it was too heavy, too aggressive but as we listened to it more, the more we realised that this is what we wanted to pursue.


Remote became Fracture.

“I came into the equation and we became a four piece,” Kelly says. “We wrote pretty much for a year. At that time we had Malcolm Blake, a drummer, come on board as a bassist.  We all knew him through different circumstances.  

“He was with us for the best part of two years when we recorded a six-track promotional EP in 2008 entitled Bleeding the Horror Inside. Listening back on it now, it sounds like a really bad demo.”

Fracture became Fractured not long after their first live gig at the now defunct Oblivion Bar in Auckland, the day before the Big Day Out in 2008.  The year was a pivotal one for the group with increased opportunities to play live having to be balanced with the need to earn a living affecting the band dynamics.

Baxendale left in March 2009 and the following month Blake moved on but not before introducing Win to the band. 

 “We met up and it clicked from there,” Kelly says. “We played as a four piece for a while and then Joe came back.  He then left again for personal reasons and we replaced him with Dylan.”

Fractured’s new album (name here please) sees the debut of their latest member, drummer Karl Downey.

“We’d all love to be doing this fulltime.” Kelly says.  “It essentially boils down to a monetary thing.  Three of us have children and partners, so, realistically we’d have to be achieving a certain dollar value so that we could support our families.”

That’s a future goal along with an international distribution deal and the opportunity to play overseas.

With the release of the new album, that might just be around the corner.


Things you never knew about Fractured

● Dylan Cameron is Gareth’s Scott’s nephew.  Kelly, who manages JB Hi-Fi’s St Lukes store in Auckland hired him.  “He was a
   really good kid and he was always a part of everything we did because of his relationship with Gareth,” Kelly says. “Oh, and
   did I mention he’s also an amazing guitarist.”

The band members all come from locations as disparate as the name Fractured suggests. Scott and Cameron are from
   Thames. Win and Downey hail from Auckland and Kelly is from Hawke’s Bay via Gisborne.

Fractured share the same name as a Canadian band, who have been around since 1983. “Basically there doesn’t appear to
   be any real issue at this stage,” Kelly says. “Essentially you are dealing with two very different contrasting styles of music.
   We are of the mind that the world is big enough for two bands with the same name.  We refer to ourselves on our Facebook
   page as Fractured Band; they refer to themselves as just Fractured.  If the issue ever did arise we would look at doing a
   name change.  We could do what stellar did, which is add an asterisk to our name.  That’s how they got around their
   copyright issue.”

● Scott has a phobia of moths and clowns.  Don't really know why, but they both scare the shit out of me. 

● Mark has an extensive acting background and is trained in opera. He has trained people in acting, theatre sports, singing
   and has directed both short videos and music videos in the past.

● Carl Win has his own recording studio at his house; Nightmares and Conclusions; and this is where Fractured recorded their
   album, No Fear of Consequence

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