AAA Records

Our Mission Statement.


The Music we release is of the highest production standard, quality is important to us in every process we undertake in the production and supply of music, and regardless of Genre its Good cos we love it!. Core to our values, is that the Artists we represent acknowledge and respect the indigenous peoples of the land, and operate from a place of love. For all mankind are one.


AAA is 100% committed to the artists craft and art. We provide services and resources to 'Empower the Artist Creativity'. Absolute is also our commitment to those who support our artists craft. We endeavour to provide a great customer experience.


AAA is an inclusive label regardless of Genre. Alternative to us means Artists whom express their Authentic selves, and are not creating to follow a trend. We believe new and exciting music comes from those who create from pure inspiration, and they're the artists we're proud to represent.

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